Farm & Vineyard Drone Mapping Services

There’s more to drones in agriculture than photos of fields. For each type of plant, there are different ways to use drones and artificial intelligence technology to improve farming outcomes. No matter which plants farmers tend to, drones are a powerful management tool.

Drones are enabling farmers of all types of crops to reap the benefits of precision agriculture. By using aerial imagery to reduce inputs and mitigate losses, farmers are achieving unprecedented returns.

AGRONAUTS uses a three staged system of COLLECT | PROCESSS | DELIVER that will empower you to make more effective and efficient farming decisions.

Walk the field... It’s how farmers have traditionally scouted crops. The practice is time and labor intensive, and it’s nearly impossible to effectively analyze hundreds of acres of crops on foot.

AGRONAUTS uses drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), to reduce the time and costs associated with crop data collection. Farmers can now have data for their entire farm captured with AGRONAUTS drones.
How We Collect Data
AGRONAUTS uses sensors mounted on drones to capture specific crop data.
Video Sensor
Generate plant counts and forecast yield based on surveys of row-based plants.
Visual Sensor
Assess and monitor plant health throughout the season by producing a general index of live green vegetation.
Thermal Sensor
Gain insight into heat stress, water use, and plant metabolism.
AGRONAUTS uses state-of-art software to process data from field collection. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and millions of processed crop acres, within a short turnaround time, AGRONAUTS platform provides complete aerial data of your farm.
How It's Processed
The sensor data is processed by AI algorithms that interpret the data, summarize analysis, and identify issues.
Agriculture Portal
With the AGRONAUTS web-based portal for agriculture, uploaded data is automatically processed into specific maps using Machine Vision & Machine Learning.
Machine Vision
Using computational processing from visual and multispectral imagery, Machine Vision extracts elements of the environment, like plant count, size, and health.
Machine Learning
With the ability of computation to take feedback from the environment or inputs from a user to improve its accuracy, and using millions of acres of crop data, over time, the data becomes more accurate.
Once the processing is complete, AGRONAUTS delivers aerial maps showing growth trends, count, and plant sizes. This data can be used to identify early indicators of plant stress, and measure the zonal efficiency of your farm.
Your Data Organized
Analyze and summarize data, manage and share data with anyone, and take action with your statistics and maps.
From your Dashboard, manage your data, and share PDF reports to stakeholders.
Compare Data
Toggle between multiple datasets to analyze trends in crop growth. See an archive of all your crop analytics throughout the growing season, from planting to harvest, or compare data across multiple growing seasons.
AGRONAUTS is a powerful agriculture service so farmers can aggregate, and even upload the data into other management systems, giving the technology a more accurate and holistic view of the farm.